Window Treatments And Traverse Rods

Traverse Rods

House Decorating Ideas – Traverse Rods As The Perfect Window Treatment

Traverse rods belong to the family of curtain rods which are used to hang curtains. These are window and curtain accessories that add beauty to any home. Traverse rods are favorite curtain treatments of many interior home designers as they provide easy solutions to add elegance to the house’s windows and generally to the abode’s whole internal appeal.

What are traverse rods?

A traverse rod is a special kind of drapery rod. It has mechanism that opens and closes the draperies. It is equipped with cords to enable the carrier to move back and forth so that the draperies can be opened and closed. It can move the drapes one-way or two-way. With a one-way, the curtain is drawn to one side, either to the left or to the right. With the two-way, the drapery opens in two parts – coming from the center it splits to the sides of the window.

Traverse Rod Installation

Installation of traverse rods are easy. It is essential that these are installed properly and securely in order for the draperies to hang and open with smoothness and ease. Installation will require different curtain and rod hardware, which in most cases are included already in the package.

These window solutions are corded.  Usually, they are of heavy construction and they can be bought in different sizes to fit every window. They should be able to handle heavy window coverings. These come in three variants – single, double and triple. And what is so good about it – you can add motor to the traverse rod. You can open and close your draperies automatically – at a push of a button.

Types of traverse rods

  • Contemporary

Under the contemporary type are the different collections: archi T-rail, deco trax and techno track. For the archi group, a bracket supports the T-trail and the size of the trail determines the weight of the draperies. The deco trax are either rectangular or oval. The techno track needs brackets in between, the distance of bracket depends on the size of the track.

  • Decorative

The decorative variation has a wider selection of collections. These are designed with a single or double rod configuration. It has a wide selection of materials such as wood, brass, brushed nickel or antique brushed brass.

  • Easy pull

The easy-pull technology is applied here where the decorative rings will simply snap in. There is option for the heavy duty easy pull if the draperies are too heavy. It has built-in right or left pull and this is equipped with one cord child safety feature.

  • Regular, heavy or super heavy duty

This type of rods depends on the weight of the draperies. Medium weight is for the regular and heavier draperies will be from heavy to super heavy duty. It comes with heavy duty braided cords and brackets.

One home decorating task is the installation of curtains and draperies along the windows which can be properly positioned with the use of the traverse rods. The many types of window treatments allow for a home owner’s or house designer’s many options.